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I agree with those who have listed the LaRussa-Torre-Cox group as being more qualified contemporaries of Piniella's. On top of that, there are at least a half dozen retired guys whose cases are as strong (or stronger) than Lou's and still aren't in the Hall. What about Whitey Herzog? If you think Whitey belongs in the Hall, then so does Lou, otherwise he doesn't. A similar case can be made for Davey Johnson. Same for Billy Martin, as others have already said. What about Danny Murtaugh? Or Dick Williams? Heck, given the conditions he managed under, Tom Kelly has just as good a case as Lou right now.

I'm not saying Lou doesn't belong, but he would be in a long line. Personally, assuming all the active guys retired today, I'd rank them as follows:

LaRussa (did it in three cities)
Williams (Pennants in three cities; winning records in four)
Torre (Would be higher if his greatest success wasn't tied so closely to Steinbrenner's wallet)
Martin (post-season in four cities - loses ground because of his instability)
Cox (Really needs another WS title to move up)
Kelly (Two WS titles despite zero ownership support)
Herzog and Piniella (Too close to call)
Gene Mauch (Last because luck is an important thing for a manager to have and he had none.)
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