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Question The Other Side Of Schilling

First, a confession. Curt Schilling once stood me up. So, I have do have somewhat of a personal bias on him. Back on May 9, 2002, I found Schilling on the 'net and asked him to do an interview for NetShrine. He agreed and I sent him the questions the next day - after spending a few hours on coming up with what I thought were good questions.

Two weeks went by with no reply - so, I wrote to him again. He got back to me (pretty quickly) and said that things were hectic; but, he "promised" to get back to me on the questions and assured that he would take care of it.

More weeks went by with nothing. Later that summer, when I read that his last child was born, I wrote to him, offered congrats on the baby, and repeated that we would love to interview him for NetShrine (still) - and said that he could answer the questions at any time and we would love to follow up on them (whenever).

I never got as much as an acknowledgment to my follow up note with the congrats. And, here we are, two and a half years later.

I've always thought it was low to promise something - and then promise it again - and then blow me off.

I have no issue with someone not wanting to do an interview. Just say it and I will leave you alone. But, if you say twice that you will do it, and I go to all the work of preparing the questions, you should do it.

Actually, I have no issue with someone changing their mind, after they agreed to do the interview. That's fine too. Just be a man and say it - make a BS excuse if you need to feel better about it. But, say something - - just don't leave the person hanging the way he did.

It takes less than 20 seconds to type an e-mail that says "I'm sorry. I can no longer grant this request. I will not be able to do the interview." But, again, that would require some class.

Of course, all this was just my personal opinion on Schiling based on one experience - and I always reminded myself of that - - that it was just me, and that (of course) I could always be wrong (and Schilling could be a great guy). The more that I would hear about his work with ALS and the like, I would remind myself of the possibility that I was wrong.

That said, Jon Heyman recently painted a picture of Schilling that was also very ugly. Among the things said were:

Quote:'s hard to fathom a player who's more self-centered, self-aggrandizing and in-your-face than the con man they call "Shill.".......Schilling knows fans will eat up his words, no matter how false. He goes to astounding lengths to paint things in his light........

There's a lot more in the article and you really should read it - and not gloss over the link.

Why share this? Simple, we've been hearing a lot about Schilling lately - and will continue to hear it through the World Series - and it's 99.9% "good" stuff. However, there's more to what you have heard (and will hear) and should consider "the total" picture of Schilling before anyone starts fitting him for a crown. He is not the king of a man that many make him out to be - not even close. Heyman confirmed what I once wondered.
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