On December 24, 1999,
NetShrine was
privileged to interview
former Major League

All-Star and current
MSG Network Broadcaster
Ken Singleton. 

Through his accomplishments during his 15-year Major League Baseball playing career with the New York Mets, Montreal Expos, and Baltimore Orioles, Ken Singleton has established himself as one of the greatest switch-hitters in the history of the game.  While best known for his incredible batting eye - only Joe Morgan had more Walks during the 1970's - Ken was also a major run producer as well (having finished in the "Top Five" for his league's Runs Created three times).  To date, he still holds several single season Baltimore Orioles' offensive team records.   

Following his playing career, he became one of baseball's finest broadcasters - having worked with the Montreal Expos for twelve seasons and for the New Yankees (on the MSG Network) for the past three (in addition to working nationally for FOX Sports and internationally for Major League Baseball on broadcasts).

If you ever have an opportunity to watch a Yankee game on the MSG Network, NetShrine recommends that you take advantage of it - and listen to what Ken Singleton has to say.  Very few people know as much about the game as he does.  Oh, but first, check out our interview............

When you were young, who was your favorite big league player?
Ken Singleton:  No contest, Willie Mays. He could do it all.

Which baseball movie do you enjoy best?
Ken Singleton:  Bull Durham.

Being a switch-hitter, in that "Big At Bat," did you prefer hitting righty or lefty?
Ken Singleton:  Most times it didn't matter, but, a slight edge to hitting lefty

Who's been your most influential mentor?
Ken Singleton:  The best coach I ever had was Larry Doby.

Where's your favorite ballpark?
Ken Singleton:  Wrigley Field in Chicago.

What do you remember most from the first big league game that you attended?
Ken Singleton:  That my Dad took me to the game.

FILL IN THE BLANK: "I'll never forget where I was when _______ happened."
Ken Singleton:  The first moonwalk.

Who was the pitcher that you hated to face the most when you were hitting?
Ken Singleton:  Nolan Ryan.

At what point in your career did you realize that you wanted to be a broadcaster?
Ken Singleton:  When I knew my career was coming to an end and I didn't want to manage or coach.

Which current player reminds you most of yourself as a player?
Ken Singleton:  Paul O'Neill.

Intermission Lightning Round:

"Animal House" or "Saving Private Ryan"?
Singleton:  "Animal House."
DH or no DH?
Singleton:  No DH.
Times Square on New Year's Eve or the hammock in the backyard on a summer Sunday afternoon?
Singleton:  Give me the hammock.
Night game or day game?
Singleton:  Night game.
Picasso or Warhol?
Singleton:  Warhol.
Box seats or bleachers?
Singleton:  Box seats.

Back to the bigger questions......

Describe making your big league debut in your hometown?
Ken Singleton:  Exciting, but, nerve wracking.

If you wrote a book, what would be the title?
Ken Singleton:  "Diamonds Aren't Forever."

Who is the best player in the Major Leagues today?
Ken Singleton:  Ken Griffey Jr.

Do you mind being approached when recognized in public?
Ken Singleton:  No, it's been happening for a long time now and it's part of the game.

If you could change one thing in baseball, what would it be?
Ken Singleton:  The games would be shorter.

What was the greatest game you ever saw?
Ken Singleton:  Bob Gibson strikeout 17 Tigers in the 1968 World Series.

Which position is the most important on the field?
Ken Singleton:  Pitcher.

If Howard Stern was a baseball player, what position would he play?
Ken Singleton:  Way out in leftfield.

Who was your favorite teammate?
Ken Singleton:  Al Bumbry.

Any difference in how it felt being traded for the first time versus the second?
Ken Singleton:  The first time is the toughest.   Personally, I was traded away from my hometown team (Mets).  The second time it was just a part of being a baseball player.

That's it.  Once again, our thanks to Mr. Singleton for granting NetShrine this interview!

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