News Release

January 28, 2006

Seven years ago, was launched.  At that time, the goal of the site was to categorize those great and/or noteworthy retired Major League Baseball players and personnel by the level of their accomplishments (as recognized by the general public) and the era in which they played.  Basically, the idea was to have a baseball "shrine" on the "net" - hence the name of the site.  Those selected for the NetShrine Gallery were grouped as follows:

Unfortunately, as a result of the way in which the site was formatted, updating the NetShrine Gallery became less of a passion and more of a burden.  And, in fact, no one has been added to the NetShrine rolls since April of 2004.  

Over the past 18 months, this development has been a growing disappointment.  And, during this time, consideration has been given to various remedies - none of which have ever been implemented.

However, rather than to allow this failing to continue to fester, it is now time for a radical solution.  As such, the Gallery at will be rebuilt, from scratch, beginning now.  And, rather than to have the rolls populated by a private process, baseball fans across the Internet will be asked this time to lend a hand in selecting who should be in the "new" NetShrine Gallery.

Starting on January 29, 2006, a ballot will be posted every Sunday at the Gallery Election Forum.  The ballot will remain open for seven days.  At the close of the ballot, anyone earning at least 62.5% of the votes made will become a member of the "new" NetShrine Gallery.  The process will be carried out until a ballot has been posted for every season there has been major league baseball.

With this notice, a call is being made to all baseball fans who are interested in being a part of building a virtual shrine where players and other baseball men will have their names stored (so that they will be remembered and not forgotten).  Participation in this exercise will not be onerous.  It is as simple as visiting the Gallery Election Forum once a week and casting a vote on the current open ballot.

Discussion, lobbying, and debate will be welcomed (via posts in the discussion thread attached to each ballot) every week.  Therefore, if you are a zealous baseball fan, it is anticipated that you will find this weekly election to be enjoyable.

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