On September 17, 2002,
NetShrine was
privileged to interview
former All-Star catcher and
current professional scout
Ed Herrmann.

Any fan of 1970's big league baseball can tell you that Ed Herrmann was a primary fixture among backstops for that era.  During the period 1970 through 1979, he ranks among the "Top Ten" for American League catchers in the following categories: Games Caught, Assists, Fielding Percentage, Homeruns, RBI and Total Bases.  At the age of 27, Ed Herrmann was selected to be a member of the 1974 American League All-Star team.

Since his "retirement" from the majors, Ed has yet to slow down.  Currently a scout for the Kansas City Royals, he also serves as a coach for both the San Diego Mesa College baseball team and the San Diego Cobras.  The latter is a Travel Baseball team which was featured in a report on HBO Real Sports (airing in August 2002).  Additionally, Ed Herrmann is the President of the San Diego Chapter of the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association.

It is very conservative to say that a person with baseball journeys such as these knows a thing or two about the game of hardball.

NetShrine recommends that you visit the official Ed Herrmann site @ www.edherrmann.com as it is both entertaining and enlightening.  Oh, but first, check out our interview............

When you were young, who was your favorite big league baseball player?
Ed Herrmann My favorite baseball player was Ted Williams.  My mom grew up with him. 

As a scout, do you look for tools, skills, both or something else?
Ed Herrmann When scouting, I look for the tools; but, also how they react in situations. They can have great tools but no knowledge of the game.

Related to the previous question, which is better to judge - using your eyes or a watch, radar gun, etc.?
Ed Herrmann Your eyes tell you a lot; but, the watch and radar gun give you the true numbers.

While you were catching, which runner slid into home plate the hardest?
Ed Herrmann Campy Campaneris. Even though he was small, he still came in hard.

What is the most important thing for a young player to master (in the game of baseball) as quickly as possible?
Ed Herrmann Learning how to play catch.

When you played, who was your favorite teammate and why?
Ed Herrmann All the (1975) New York Yankees. They knew what it took to win and they did it.

Which baseball movie do you enjoy best?
Ed Herrmann:  The Rookie.

FILL IN THE BLANK: "I'll never forget where I was when ________________ happened."
Ed Herrmann JFK was killed and 9/11 happened.

Where's your favorite ballpark?
Ed Herrmann I have two: Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park. They're old with a lot of history.

Do you miss playing the game?
Ed Herrmann Yes and no. The money is great today; but, it has turned into a business. When I played, it was a game and the team did everything together.

Any idea of how many games you have seen (both amateur and pro) as a player and scout combined?
Ed Herrmann Thousands of games.

Intermission Lightning Round:

Cable or the Dish?
Herrmann:  Cable.
DH or no DH?
Herrmann:  DH.
Pants or Shorts?
Herrmann:  Pants.
Night game or day game?
Herrmann:  Night game.
History or Current Events?
Herrmann:  History.
Box seats or bleachers?
Herrmann:  Bleachers.

Back to the bigger questions......

Describe the feeling you had when you found out you made the A.L. All-Star team.
Ed Herrmann
It was a great feeling to finally be accepted by your peers and fans as one of the best in your league.

Who is the best player in the Major Leagues today?
Ed Herrmann There are too many good ones to even think there is only one.

If Bob Villa was a baseball player, what position would he had played?
Ed Herrmann He would be the manager. He has all the answers.

If you caught a one-hitter, think you would replay the game in your mind, reflecting about "that one pitch" that went for the hit?
Ed Herrmann You always replay one- and two-hitters; but, I also caught a no hitter for Larry Dierker and I was involved with one for Joe Horlen.

If you could change one thing in baseball, what would it be?
Ed Herrmann To stop the fighting between players and owners.

Is it possible to see a 13-year old player and project as to whether or not be can be a major league player?
Ed Herrmann You can never predict if a player will make the big leagues; but, you can assume he will be able to make it.

Which prospect did you scout that later surprised you the most?
Ed Herrmann Eric Chavez.  He made the big leagues one year faster than I thought; and, he started performing well very quick.

What is the best service that a scout can provide for someone?
Ed Herrmann:  To be honest and let them know the possibilities of making the big leagues. 

While catching, what was the funniest conversation you ever had with a batter and/or umpire?
Ed Herrmann:  Talking to Ron Luciano while he was umping home plate about a subject I can't talk about.

Who was your most influential mentor?
Ed HerrmannMy dad, Howard. He helped me even after I made it to the big leagues on my mental approach to the game.

That's it.  Once again, our thanks to Mr. Herrmann for granting NetShrine this interview!

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