November 12, 2006

Review:  The Bill James Baseball Handbook 2007
by Steve Lombardi, for

For 13 years, STATS Inc. published the STATS Major League Handbook.  However, in the fall of 2002, STATS Inc. all but suspended its publishing operation.  At that time, it had appeared that 2002 would be the end of the Major League Handbook (that so many had grown fond of over time).  However, in June of 2003, thanks to the good folks at Baseball Info Solutions and Acta Publications, The Bill James Handbook (as this grand annual was renamed) reappeared on the scene - and it has continued to be available in the years to follow.

On November 1, 2006, The Bill James Handbook 2007 was released.

This version of the Handbook has all the usual staples that one expects to find in the book - such as team statistics from last season, a register of career stats for everyone who played in the majors this past year, 2006 fielding stats, manager tendencies, park data, player splits, leader boards, win shares data, and 2007 player projections, etc.  However, there are some new offerings in this version of the Handbook that make this year's edition extra exciting.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

One of the things that I enjoy most about perusing The Bill James Handbook is the simple pleasure of thumbing through the pages and finding fun and illuminating facts and statistics.  Here's a sample of some items that I noticed quickly once this year's edition arrived in the mail:

Peter Gammons refers to The Bill James Handbook as being "The prize of our winter hibernation."  I agree with this appraisal.  The Handbook is the perfect companion for baseball fans of all levels to use in offsetting whatever hardball yearning the lulls of the off-season may throw their way.  You can sit with it for an hour, or just a few minutes, and no matter how much time you spend when looking at the Handbook, you will find abundant nuggets of baseball amusement. highly recommends The Bill James Handbook 2007.

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