MAY 23, 2004
Field of Dreams - 15th Anniversary DVD

By Steve Lombardi, NetShrine.com

On June 8, 2004, Universal Pictures will release the 15th Anniversary Edition of the film Field of Dreams on DVD.  

Nominated for three 1989 Academy Awards®, including Best Picture, Field of Dreams is an essential inclusion for anyone’s personal collection of outstanding movies.  It is the rare motion picture that contains numerous indelible and heartrending scenes that stimulate sensations for its audience such as Field of Dreams does for its viewers.  This movie is a 106 minute manipulation of your emotions that should leave you with watery eyes and a burning sensation in the back of your throat at its culmination.  If it does not, then you should immediately check your pulse and call a doctor.

The scrawling on this scorecard highly recommends the 15th Anniversary Edition of Field of Dreams on DVD.  

The initial reaction of some to this recommendation may be “Why would I want this DVD? This movie is on television now all the time?”  Others may think to themselves “I already have it (on VHS and/or DVD).  Why would I want to buy it again?”  These questions can be addressed quickly.  

The difference between having a film intermittently available on television and having it available to you on demand is the same as the difference between night and day.  Nothing lends more toward viewing convenience than owning a copy of the movie.

Secondly, the 15th Anniversary Edition of Field of Dreams on DVD has been digitally re-mastered (with all new 5.1 surround sound).  Therefore, it offers you greater clarity and a better viewing experience (over that of a VHS tape or previously released DVD).  Further, the 15th Anniversary Edition of Field of Dreams on DVD is a two disc set featuring many previously unavailable extra features as a bonus to the film.  These include:

Field of Dreams Roundtable with Kevin Costner, Johnny Bench, George Brett and Bret Saberhagen.   This 30 minute feature is worth the price of the DVD alone.  The baseball fanatic will find it charming, riveting and priceless.  The group holds a private screening of the film at Costner’s home and then discusses the movie, baseball and parent/child relationships.  Watching these four men have these discussions results in a good feeling that will resonate with you afterwards for hours.

From Father to Son: Passing Along the Pastime.  This 40 minute piece details how each member of the cast was drawn to the project, how the actors worked with each other, how the movie came together, and how the film (subsequent to its release) has impacted the lives of many of those who were involved with the movie.  It includes many interesting behind the scenes stories about working on the set and on some of the truly magical events that occurred during the production of Field of Dreams.  The truths disclosed in this project were fascinating – such as the fact that the obituary of Moonlight Graham read in the movie was the actual obituary that appeared in the paper for the real Dr. Graham when he passed away.  The interviews conducted for this feature were excellent – most notably the moving one with Dwier Brown who played John Kinsella.  The show also yields the answer to the question that many have on Field of Dreams – “Why did they have Joe Jackson bat right-handed?”  You will be surprised by the answer.  

Bravo's "From Page to Screen: Field of Dreams."  This 45 minute special walks you through the process of how the book “Shoeless Joe” became a film that tells the story of fathers and sons, redemption, and the power of dreams – all marinated with baseball lore.  The process was five years in the making and the special notes each twist and turn experienced in the journey.  For example – at one time, the studios were considering Robin Williams to play the role of Ray Kinsella.  Thankfully, they realized that (as Producer Chuck Gordon notes in an interview) Robin Williams hearing voices would be an entirely different movie.  There is also a story in this special about the eventual title of the movie, Field of Dreams, which will leave you with the suspicion that some omnipotent force in the universe intended for this film to be made.

The Diamond in the Husks.  Since 1989, over one million people have traveled to see the Field of Dreams’ diamond in the now famous Iowa farm cornfield.  This 17 minute feature shares the touching tales associated with some of the visitors who have visited the Field of Dreams tourist attraction.  If you are a baseball aficionado, after watching it, you will want to visit the site someday as well.

Galena, Illinois Pinch Hits for Chisholm, Minnesota.  This 5 minute short is a very well done story detailing how the movie used the town of Galena to substitute for Chisholm.  If you enjoy the sites and stories associated with a historic small town, you will love the story of Galena Illinois and how it assisted with the making of Field of Dreams.

There are other nice additions to the special features of this DVD set – such as some newly discovered deleted scenes to view and the option to hear the insights and anecdotes of Director Phil Alden Robinson and Cinematographer John Lindley during the playing of the feature.  There is even a “Gotcha!” Easter egg on the DVD regarding who played “The Voice” in Field of Dreams.

In fact, thanks to all this content, the 15th Anniversary Edition of the film Field of Dreams on DVD allows you to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the Field of Dreams experience.  If you enjoyed Field of Dreams, you owe it to yourself to obtain this DVD.

As “The Voice” told Ray Kinsella and Terence Mann while they visited Fenway Park together*, “Go the distance!” and get the 15th Anniversary Edition of the film Field of Dreams on DVD.  Revisiting Field of Dreams and allowing it to stir you is good for your heart.  It is a homerun with a star next to it on this scorecard.


*Trivia Question:  When Kinsella and Mann watched the Oakland A’s play the Boston Red Sox in Fenway during a scene in Field of Dreams, who batted leadoff for the Sox in that game?  The answer can be found at the bottom of this page.

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