FEBRUARY 27, 2004
Sinins Player Comments Book
By Steve Lombardi, NetShrine.com

Lee Sinins, the man behind the fabulous Sabermetric Baseball Encyclopedia (SBE), has just released the 2nd edition of his “Baseball-encyclopedia.com Player Comments Book.”  (In case you were not aware, the SBE is to baseball fans as indoor plumbing is to civilization.  If you do not have a copy of the software, you are missing out.)

The 2004 edition of the Player Comments Book has notes for every player who appeared in the majors during 2003. Also, for a baseball book of this nature, it is extremely up-to-date.  For example, in addition to (late movers) Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, and Greg Maddux being on the correct teams, the entry on Tyler Houston (who was released by the Yankees two days ago) correctly states that he is a free agent.

As a youngster, one of my thrills tied to each new baseball season was reading the brief and interesting facts on the back of a player’s bubblegum card for that year.  Thumbing through the pages of the “2004 Baseball-encyclopedia.com Player Comments Book” is a pleasure equal to that experience.  Below are just a small handful of the types of fun facts that you will find in this book:

However, the 2004 edition of the Player Comments Book is more than just quick and fun facts.  In total, the book has 270 pages; and, it is replete with various statistical leader lists and commentary from Lee Sinins.  The latter being akin to the magnificent observations that Lee regularly provides in his daily Around The Majors (e-mail) reports.

NetShrine.com highly recommends the “2004 Baseball-encyclopedia.com Player Comments Book.”  Whether you are an actual (or “wannabe”) baseball executive, a member of the professional baseball media, a baseball blogger, a diehard fantasy baseball participant, or “just a fan” of baseball, you will get both enormous use and joy from this book.  The 2004 edition of the Player Comments Book compares favorably to the other prominent best selling baseball player annuals; and, at only $17.95, it is priced equal to or less than those releases. 

This year, Player Comments Book is only available as an Adobe document.  While some may see this as a negative, there is an advantage to the Adobe format.  If you are like me, and already have personal issues due to having an overflow of books littered about your home, the Adobe file lends towards having one less work to add to the piles.  The 2004 Player Comments Book resides neatly and conveniently inside the Compact Disc on which it arrives - or you can copy it to your PC hard drive.  (And, of course, if need be, and you want a hardcopy, obtaining one is as simple as printing out the entire document.  On most printers, this task can be done in less than 25 minutes.)

The “2004 Baseball-encyclopedia.com Player Comments Book” by Lee Sinins can be ordered at http://www.baseball-encyclopedia.com/

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