NOVEMBER 24, 2003
Happy Yanksgiving
By Steve Lombardi, NetShrine.com

Many baseball fans have a strong dislike for the New York Yankees franchise.  Some of those fans, at times, likely have wished that the Yankees never existed.  Just for the heck of it, and for those who perhaps wished that the Bronx Bombers were absent from reality, here are some random thoughts about “What if there never was a New York Yankees?”

These are just a few items meant to amuse “off the top of the head.”  There are probably many more items that would result “if there were no New York Yankees.”  And, if one were to ponder them with serious intent, a list of significant impact items (if there were no Yankees) could easily be derived.

How many great moments in baseball history involve either a Yankees player or team?  Just about every diehard baseball fan could name ten of them without thinking too hard.

So, Yankee haters out there, please take note – especially at a time where we consider “Thanksgiving.”  The team from the Bronx has given baseball fans a lot to be thankful for – whether you root for them or not – in many different forms (entertaining and momentous).

In several ways, the Yankees are akin to being the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day parade of baseball.  You can love parade, or hate it; but, in any event, it is not Thanksgiving Day without it (as the parade is a critical subset of the larger event – given its established historical past precedence in the grand scheme of things).

Same thing about the Yankees and baseball - you cannot have one without the other (whether you like the Yankees or not).  Contemplate that this Yanksgiving, er, I mean Thanksgiving.  It is a low calorie option to the usual fair of the day.  And, of course, have a great and safe holiday this Thursday.

Steve Lombardi is the Creator & Curator of NetShrine.com.  Scrawling On The Scorecard appears regularly during the baseball season and sporadically during the off-season.  Steve can be contacted at sots@netshrine.com

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