NOVEMBER 11, 2003
Forecasting The Free Agent Frenzy
By Steve Lombardi, NetShrine.com

Bidding started yesterday on the 200+ baseball players in the current Free Agent class for this major league off-season.  What follows below is one guess at where thirty of the "bigger" names will land once the dust settles:

In total, look for the Yankees to sign the most Free Agents this winter, closely followed by the Mets and Giants - the latter despite their call to reduce payroll.  (You cannot pay Barry Bonds that much money and not try to win a championship at the same time.  Why have one player so expensive if you are not trying for a ring?  And, if you are trying to win, you have to get more than one player.  Of course, most of the Giants signings will be one year deals and make-good incentive laden contracts.)  The Orioles, Dodgers, Red Sox, Mariners, White Sox, Cardinals and Marlins will each sign more than one Free Agent this winter.  The Marlins will do it because they have so many players themselves who have filed. 

Now, if just eleven of these end up actually happening, that would give this author an impressive On Base Average.  But, remember, there is On Base Average and then there is Slugging Percentage.  If some of the more "far out predictions" come true (like Stewart, Colon, and Everett) then an award for extra bases is warranted.  Let the games begin.  Fear not, we will be tallying the results among the various "Scrawling On The Scorecard."

Steve Lombardi is the Creator & Curator of NetShrine.com.  Scrawling On The Scorecard appears regularly during the baseball season and sporadically during the off-season.  Steve can be contacted at sots@netshrine.com

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